Catching Up - Part 2 (Thanksgiving)

Life is just too crazy, busy these days and before I know it months have passed since my last post.  I have a little time tonight, so I thought I'd post a few pictures from Thanksgiving... better late than never, right?

Grandad, Grandy, Jeff, Mama, Memaw and Grandad

We celebrated Thanksgiving at the lake this year.  This was the first year we had celebrated with two sides of my family (usually we celebrate with only my mom's side and this year we added my step-dad's side) and it was so much fun!  

The boys fried two delicious turkeys...

Jack helped peel boiled eggs and snap green beans.  I tell you that boy is one good helper!  He loves to help Grammy wash dishes, help me do laundry and clean up messes.  He is also VERY good at making messes these days!!

He played football with Uncle Zack and learned the Heisman pose.  He's practicing for when he wins the real thing one day!  ;)

The weather was absolutely perfect hanging out outside and fishing.  He is good at catching red "perch"!  I think he must have caught a million of them since he got his fishing pole.  HA!

The little boys were pooped after eating turkey and visiting with family.

We do have so much to be thankful for!

Thanks for sticking around, even though my posts are few and far between.  One of these days I will get it all together and be back to regular blogging.  I have been in party planning and throwing mode for the past month, so I hope to get my pictures edited and blog about all the fun that's been going on soon!


Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

what do you mean far behind....THEY HAVE FLOWN THE COUP! HHAHAHAHAHAHA

Jennifer said...

LOL...listen, better late than never is the motto lately!! I love that Jack had such a great time with your family, both young and old! Keep in touch and hope all is well!